Hypnotism, Not What You Think

Author: Lynn Shen (GTHATM Certified Chief Instructor and Hypnotist)

Translator/Interpreter: Jenny Chen (GTHATM Certified Chief Instructor and Hypnotist)

Am I awake during a hypnosis session?

When people reach out to me for a hypnosis session for the first time, I often ask them, “What do you think is hypnotism?”

Many respond: they imagine during a hypnosis session, they would lose complete conscious and enter sub-conscious, or be like hypnosis shows on TV, uncontrollably performing acts, etc.

In reality, real hypnosis is nothing like that!  During a hypnosis session, you will be completely conscious (unless of course, you fall asleep).  The person being hypnotized will be able to talk and act as you wish.  You may even blow your nose or take a restroom break while being hypnotized, but because you are in a different conscious state, you would feel differently from how you normally feel.

Thus, if you worry about losing conscious or control and as a result, have not dared to try hypnotism, no need for such a worry!

So, what is hypnotism?

The basic principle of hypnotism is to “enter and explore the subconscious”.  By doing so, you discover different aspects of self within you, find the roots and causes to the problems and challenges in life, and further uncover and enhance your potentials.  Thus, hypnotism is also called “communicating with your subconscious”.

According to Sigmund Freud, more than 90 percent of a person’s awareness is in the subconscious.  In other words, all the mental processes, memories and understandings that we are aware of while we are awake, represent less than 10 percent of our awareness. 

Freud’s famed iceberg theory, clearly describes different levels of a person’s awareness.

Freud believes what we are conscious of represents only the tip of an iceberg above the sea level of the iceberg (called “conscious level”).  However, a person’s psychological behaviors are mostly driven by the huge triangular base of the iceberg below the sea level (called “subconscious”).

Put it simply, if we analogize a human to a high-tech computer, what we hide behind our conscious, i.e., the vast, unknown subconscious, is like the motherboard of a computer, controlling most of the important functions and operations, as well as affecting the ultimate outcome viewable on the computer screen.  Whereas the effects we see on the screen and displayed by the computer, is like the conscious that is above the sea level and may be detected while awake.

Following this logic, if a computer malfunctions (e.g., a person experiences physical, mental or life hardships or sufferings), if such malfunctions are not of the computer screen (e.g., the problems cannot be resolved or found during awake conscious state), one must examine the computer motherboards (i.e., examining the roots within subconscious that are secretly causing the issues) in order to completely resolve the problems.

What can hypnosis help?

The benefits of hypnotism are countless.  Upon exploring and adjusting the subconscious, many find that new doors are open to them and “fate” is seemingly changed.  This is no magic or miracle.  Anyone who understands the works of our subconscious will not be surprised by this result because once the subconscious is changed, just like the motherboard is replaced or upgraded, one will automatically experience completely new perceptions and life experiences.  Below, we list a few common benefits often seen by Global Trans-era HypnotismTM.

1.【Discover the reasons behind suffering; hold the key to happiness】

Because of what parents said to us and how teachers, classmates and other people treated us when we were young, restricting beliefs are planted in many people’s subconscious.  These beliefs work like programs, slowly beginning to affect how the computers work.  When the computers continue to run with these programs, i.e., restricting negative beliefs, corresponding situations will be created and attracted into our lives.  This is the “law of attraction.”

Many people misunderstand “the law of attraction” to be using our power of mind to manifest “good things.”  However, this universe is fair and all encompassing; regardless of good or bad, everything has equal power.  Thus, no matter it is a belief believed to be good or bad to us, the universe gives the same blessing and manifestation power.

I encounter many clients who express their desire for prosperity.  However, upon trying many other physical, mental and spiritual techniques, nothing seems to change.  So where is the problem?

If you ask the client, “do you like money?”  Usually, the knee-jerk reaction is, “I love money.  Why wouldn’t I love money?”  However, when these clients through induction enter into their subconscious, they discover that deep within, there lays a complete different story!

Some people deep inside strongly believe that having money will bring misfortune.  Some people believe money is dirty.  And some people subconsciously believe whatever one possesses, one will ultimately lose it, and hence, would rather not have any money.  When we enter the subconscious, these beliefs buried deep within will be uncovered.  Only when we find the roots will we then be able to really extract these hidden negative beliefs, removing the stumbling blocks to happiness. 

2.【Heal our wounds; rediscover love】

Life is filled with all kinds of relationships, from when we were kids, the relationships with our parents, to relationships with siblings, peers, teachers and friends, to intimate relationships, work relationships, all kinds of interpersonal relationships, etc.  Oftentimes, through the interactions in every relationship, we define ourselves based on how we are treated by others, ultimately affecting our subconscious imperceptibly.

For example, I once had a client whose father left the family when she was young.  The belief of “I am not worthy of love” was deeply planted within her subconscious, which affected her love life and even marriage when she grew up.  She either fell for the wrong persons, or her partners all had violent tendencies.  All her intimate relationships ended miserably.  She had always thought she just had a bad life or bad karma until she tried hypnotism.  Upon exploring her subconscious mind, she realized the departure of her father created a dark hole of misery within her, causing her to believe that she was just not good enough and that nobody would ever love and treasure her.  She stumbled in her love life for more than ten years and had suffered miserably.  Through regression to her childhood, guided conversations with her father, and over half an hour of releasing her feelings with tears, she finally slowly calmed down.  Then through guided repairs to the subconscious, she rediscovered self-confidence and love.  Shortly after the hypnosis session, she found a very suitable mate and is now planning to enter marriage at the end of the year.  This is the enormous power of subconscious repair!

3.【Enter deep within to find the roots to addictive behaviors】

Did you know: all addictive behaviors reflect some black hole within the subconscious?

From additions to drugs, cigarettes, video games and sex, to stalking, voyeur, burglary, purchase, work, food, cosmetic surgery, cheating additions, all these additions relate to our subconscious mind.

When a negative experience causes a huge trauma, a “soul black hole” is formed in our subconscious mind.  Such a black hole doesn’t seem to be able to get filled up, and only with external additive behaviors, one attempts to balance this black hole.  However, if the reason for forming this black hole isn’t found and the subconscious isn’t repaired, no additions would be able to make the balance and ultimately, one’s life (both time and fulfillment) may be swallowed up.

Many clients share with me that after their hypnosis sessions, they seem for no apparent reasons at all may be able to avoid snacks and junk food, and some people even quit smoking.  These are no miracles.  Rather, after clients face their soul black holes deep within themselves, pass through the black holes, exit the holes and see the lights to their lives, they automatically will choose behaviors that are really beneficial to them and find no need to fill up the shortcomings within them.

These transformations are not the direct results of hypnosis.  “Hypnosis” simply offers a method allowing one to “face oneself.”  When a person is willing to face oneself (his/her subconscious), sincerely getting to know him/herself, plus with “willingness to change,” these beautiful transformations are able to take place.

4.【De-stress and release emotions】

The high pressure lives in our modern day society have caused all sorts of negative situations on us physically and mentally.  It has proven medically that pressure will cause problems in our endocrine system, autonomic nerve system and immunity system, as well as insomnia, infertility, depression and bipolar disorder, and will even facility the growth of cancer cells.  Thus, how to de-stress has become an important part in balancing our body and mind for modern day people.

With hypnotism, one could communicate and converse with the subconscious to understand and adjust the tension on the body and mind.  Through induction, one could achieve deep relaxation of the body and further experience peace on the mind, helping us in digesting all sorts of overwhelming pressures in life.

In addition to life pressures, another cause for the imbalance in modern day people’s body and mind is the suppression of emotions.  From childhood, we often are taught to “control” our emotions, resulting in regular oppression of our emotions and missing the opportunities to properly release such emotions.

According to Dr. David R. Hawkins’ “scale of consciousness” (also called “emotion quality chart,” as seen below), every emotion has a different vibrational frequency and is an energy.

Since emotion is also an energy, when negative energy piles up with no let off and release, how would it turn out?

We all know: if we do not allow small earthquakes to “release energy normally,” overtime, we may encounter powerful, devastating earthquakes.

Same thing for humans.  If negative emotions are built up for a long time without release, it is like a smoldering pressurized cooker which will eventually explode and perish, causing irreversibly results.  Thus, releasing emotional energies is very important.  Through release, letting go of the pressure built up within, body and mind will restore harmony and balance.  Many clients share with me after their hypnosis sessions that after crying, their chests no longer feel stuffy and their moods feel much more stable upon returning home.  This is the eminent benefits of releasing emotions.

5.【Understand body consciousness and love oneself more】

Many people do not know that in fact, our “body” has its own consciousness.  Body consciousness quietly controls the operations and functions of our body.  Sometimes, even when we don’t realize we are ill, our body consciousness is already fully aware of the illness.  Many people during zen meditation experience body movements with chi.  This is another way our body consciousness expresses itself.

Entering into our subconscious through hypnosis, we may also connect with our body consciousness.  We may converse and communicate with our body, understand energy that our eyes cannot see, and uncover what our bodies want to reveal.  Are there issues with the energy at different parts of our body?  What kinds of nutrients and help does our body need?  Through all the questions, we will better understand our body and connect with our body consciousness.  We will also be able to uncover any problem with our body at an earlier date.

6.【Pass life regression; see more possibilities to life】

Many people are very curious with past lives and request their hypnotherapist to induce past life regression.  Normally when facing this type of clients, I often first ask them, “Why do you want to see past lives?  What is the purpose in seeing past life experiences?”

After so many clients and inducing them to see many past and current life experiences, I find a very interesting phenomenon.  That is: we oftentimes “repeat our life experiences life after life.”  By way of an example, a couple faces bottleneck in their marriage in this life because the wife wants to focus on her professional life and does not want to compromise in their marriage.  Through past life regression, the wife regressed to a past life with almost identical situation in that life with only different time and background scenarios.  Upon discovering this repeated situation, I reminded the wife to carefully consider, “what is your life trying to tell you?”

If we repeatedly see similar life after life scenarios and cannot learn and grow from these past experiences, then past life regression has no meaning.  However, if we can learn from our past lives, pass through those pains and suffering and allow those experiences to become the nutrients to this life, then pass life regression has its meaning and value.

Normally when I induce past life regression, if time is sufficient, I will also induce my clients to pass through that life’s death experience.  By passing through that life’s death experience, our conscious level achieves the result of renewal.  After all, experiencing death is the fastest way to learning to live.  From past life death experience to reincarnation, we feel the circle of life and understand there is no real death and loss and we have the chance to practice seeing our lives from a higher perspective.  When we see things from a higher perspective, we will feel very differently about the problems we encounter and our problem solving skills are also greatly enhanced. Supplement: When inducing the passing through of life’s death experiences, about half of the people experience some of the pains they experienced during the deaths of their past lives, but only for two to three seconds and such pains normally would not be half as intense as what we actually experienced before because our subconscious will not let us experience the discomfort to the full extent.  As for the people who do not feel the pain, a lot of times, it is due to our subconscious automatically detaches from the body and chooses to observe the process from the sideline.  Our subconscious is quite wise and will dictate what to experience and feel during hypnosis.



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